Bachelor's Degree of RCHA - modern humanitarian education in the traditions of national and world culture

Bachelor's schedule

The first bachelor's programs were launched in the Russian Federation in 1996 with the aim of full-scale integration of the country into the world (primarily European) educational space. Today in Russia, a bachelor's degree is a full-fledged higher education at the level of world standards.

Bachelor's degree of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities (in all licensed and accredited areas) guarantees high-quality general humanitarian training, mastering the specialization (profile) chosen by the student, and also provides good employment opportunities.

The main advantages of studying in the undergraduate degree of the RCAH:

Guaranteed high quality education. Classes according to the author's programs are conducted by professors and associate professors of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities and the leading universities of St. Petersburg, the best teachers-practitioners, as well as invited foreign experts (in particular, native speakers of a foreign language and culture).

Education and vibrant student life in the historical center of St. Petersburg: nab. Fontanka River, 15. A few minutes walk from Gostiny Dvor, Anichkov Bridge and the Summer Garden. A creative atmosphere and systematic liberal arts education are the corporate identity of the RCAH.

A unique combination of the traditions of St. Petersburg humanitarian education and modern educational IT-technologies, the values of Russian spiritual culture and freedom of creative expression. Value-oriented approach to teaching and education, taking into account the individual psychological characteristics of students.

A graduate of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities receives both general fundamental and specialized practical training. The degree (qualification) "bachelor" is generally accepted in the international classification and understandable to employers around the world, with such a state-recognized diploma of higher education, a graduate of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities can get a job in Russia and abroad.

You can simultaneously study the main educational program of the bachelor's degree and the program of additional education of your choice (for example, in the field of foreign languages, psychology, information technology, art history or teacher education). Based on the results of the training, you will receive a diploma of higher education and a diploma of professional retraining, which will certainly create advantages for you when applying for a job.

Education is possible in full-time, part-time (evening) and part-time forms of education (using the Learning Management System of the RCAH). The choice is yours.

RCAH students have the same rights as students of state universities - preferential travel in public transport, deferment from military service, medical care. Students from other regions are assisted in arranging accommodation in a hostel.

Students with a penchant for research, personal and career growth are given the opportunity to continue their education in the magistracy and postgraduate studies of the Academy (bonuses and benefits are provided for admission and tuition fees).

Contacts of the admission committee:
Address: St. Petersburg, nab. Fontanka River, 15, 4th floor, room 401
Phones: (812) 334-14-41, (812) 314-35-21
E-Mail: [email protected]