Master's Degree of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities - to become a master in your field

Master's schedule

The master's degree is the next (after the bachelor's and specialist's) level of higher education, which involves more in-depth training with mandatory elements of research and practice.

The degree (qualification) "master" is accepted in most countries of the world and allows its holder to apply for higher positions (compared to graduates - bachelors and specialists). Master's diplomas are highly rated abroad, they indicate that their owner is a true master of his craft. In addition, the two-level system of higher education (bachelor - master) allows you to "correct" the individual educational route (for example, those who, in the process of studying in the bachelor's degree or after it, decided to change the previously chosen direction of training). Now, after graduating from a university in the status of a bachelor (or specialist), you can enroll in a master's program in any field of study that interests you. In fact, we are talking about the second higher education.

RCAH is one of the few non-state universities that implement all levels of educational programs: college - bachelor's degree - master's degree - postgraduate study. A significant part of non-state universities trains only under the bachelor's degree programs, since the master's degree (and even more so - postgraduate studies) imply increased requirements for the qualifications of the teaching staff and the scientific potential of the university. The Academy is famous for its intensive and productive scientific work, which creates good conditions for the preparation of masters. The scientific supervisors of the master's programs of the RCAH are well-known scientists in the relevant problem area, doctors of science, professors. Read more

The main advantages of studying in the master's program of the RCAH:

Guaranteed high quality education. Classes on the author's master's programs (there are about 20 programs to choose from) are taught by professors and associate professors of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities and the leading universities of St. Petersburg, the best teachers-practitioners, as well as invited foreign experts.

Education, scientific research and cultural life in the historical center of St. Petersburg: nab. Fontanka River, 15. A few minutes walk from Gostiny Dvor, Anichkov Bridge and the Summer Garden. A creative atmosphere, scientific and practical research and an elite humanitarian education are the corporate identity of the master's program of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities .

A unique opportunity to get a second higher education: new knowledge and competencies, a new state diploma of higher education (in addition to your specialist or bachelor's diploma).

Studying according to an individual educational and scientific plan allows you, if you wish, to master master's and postgraduate programs at the same time.

You can simultaneously study the main educational program of the master's program and the program of additional education you have chosen (for example, in the field of foreign languages, psychology, information technology or art history).

Master's students who have a penchant for research work, personal and career growth, are given the opportunity to continue their education at the Academy's graduate school (bonuses and benefits are provided for admission and tuition fees).

Contacts of the admission committee:
Address: St. Petersburg, nab. Fontanka River, 15, 4th floor, room 401
Phones: (812) 334-14-41, (812) 314-35-21
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