The publishing house of Academy emerged almost simultaneously with the birth of our university in 1994 as a higher educational institution. Its publishing program combines the features of three types of publishing houses - scientific, university and cultural and educational, not coinciding unequivocally with any of the listed ones. The activities of the RCAH are known to a wide audience of readers for several publishing series, among which the research information project "Russian Way" occupies a central place.

The project "Russian Way: pro et contra" is the only serial project implemented in the post-Soviet period that has interdisciplinary cultural significance. In its own way, it implements an integrated approach to the construction of humanitarian education and scientific research, proposed by the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities . Among other areas of the publishing program are books of cultural studies, philosophy, history, theology, philology, pedagogy and other humanitarian knowledge. To date, the catalog of publications of the RCAH includes more than 300 publications.

A new direction in the activities of the publishing house was the creation of educational multimedia aids. Since 2004, the academy has developed and successfully implemented a program for converting curricula into multimedia format, creating a database of electronic interactive courses in all major specialties. For the period from 2004 to 2010, 45 full-text electronic libraries, 54 multimedia courses, 4 video courses have been developed. Training programs "Finnish in tests and exercises" and "English in tests and exercises" were developed and implemented

The publishing house of the Academy, together with the information department, is preparing a series of educational audio and video courses on DVD. A collection of audio courses has been created for more than 70 training courses, with a total volume of 1000 lecture hours. Audio books and a series of audio programs on humanitarian issues, dedicated to Russian history, the history of Christianity, the history and literature of the Middle Ages, have been prepared and published.