Information for contributors

The «Journal of the Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities» is a publication of the eponymous institution of higher learning. The issues include original contributions dealing with the topic relevant to the scope of the humanities including philology, philosophy, theology, cultural studies, education and psychology.

The members of the editorial board are required to ensure (1) that all papers comply with the publication guidelines; (2) that the papers are properly checked for language problems and style. The changes effected by the board are not to interfere with the ideas of the authors. The author enjoys a right to submit the contribution on the Journal’s Internet website when submitting the manuscript for publication.

The Journal charges a publication fee, from which contributions by graduate students are exempted.

All proposals are reviewed by the Editorial Board and by official referees. Proposals that do not comply with the standards of the Journal, can be rejected or returned to the author for further improvements to be made.

The submission guidelines for contributors to the Journal are:

— UDC should be given in the top left corner

— the author’s last name and initials in Russian — in the top right corner

— the title of the manuscript in Russian

— an abstract and keywords in Russian should be included

— the author’s last name and initials in English in the right corner

— the title of the manuscript in English

— an abstract and keywords in English should be included

— the manuscript

— references

The length of the manuscript should not exceed 10000–12000 words (1,0 typographic unit).

Abstracts in Russian and English should not ecxeed 100 words (1000 characters with spaces). It is advisable to have abstracts in English proofread, computer-aided translations of abstracts are not under consideration.

References and essential notes should be given in square brackets as follows — [5, p. 56–57]. Quotations exceeding four lines (over 200 characters) should be given with hanging indent (in 10-point font).

References are to be in full compliance with the National State Standard — GOST Certification System (ГОСТ_Р7.0.5–2008).

Notes, comments, appendices and photographs are not used in the publication. Background information, reference sources, diagrams are embedded within the text.

In a separate file attached contributors provide their full name (last and first), place of work, position, academic degree, email address and / or contact telephone number. When needed, contributors can provide information on the grant program under which the research results presented have been obtained (sponsoring organization, grant number / contract, title of the project) to have this information given in a special footnote.

If a contribution is written by two or more authors, the personal data concerning all of them should be given in a single file, one by one, with a contact e-mail address and / or a telephone number of a contact person.

Contributors must guarantee that the manuscripts submitted are original, are not published or under consideration elsewhere, are not plagiarism. All authors agree to provide a refutation and corrections be it deemed necessary.

Proposals should be sent to: [email protected]